Monday, October 16, 2006

Renders renders...

Just playing around with the wheel model for the BMW.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Starting up...

Wohoo.. the first real post :)

The plan for this blog is.. ah wait I have no plan, Mattias forced me to do it! Seriously, what you will find here will mostly be focused around my personal 3d artwork but I might post other things as well such as photos or news on what's going on with other hobbies I have (track day driving for example)

As a start I will try to finish this BMW M3 race car I started last year about a month before I got a job at one of Sweden's game development studios. The car was originally made for Schwedenkreuz Motorsport to use as a display for potential sponsorships. I decided to make some extra detail for portfolio purposes. I more or less stopped working on it when I got the new job, made a few liveries for it but I probably can't show them here since I think Schwedenkreuz like to keep them confidential.

There's still quite a lot of work to be done on the car to call it finished. It needs some kind of interior, proper textures for the lights (front and rear) brakes and brake discs, details such as hood pins, windshield wipers and some kind of livery so it actually looks like the race car it is.

I also have some links to other stuff I've worked or am working on in the menu (gallery) and a photo gallery as well, check them out.

When you're done reading and watching the little that is here yet I suggest you go over to Mattias Inks and check out the drawings that come from his twisted mind (where does he come up with all this stuff?!)